About Isaac Perez Recao

Entrepreneur Isaac Perez Recao possesses extensive senior executive experience in a range of industries. A native of Venezuela, Mr. Perez Recao served as Director for various family-owned businesses in that country. He oversaw the operations of PIVOCA, C.A., an investment company with holdings in real estate, including shopping centers, office buildings, and housing complexes. Additionally, he directed the operations of two mall management companies, Unicentro El Marqués and Centro Comercial Chacaito. Furthermore, Mr. Perez Recao managed Industrias Venoco, a petrochemical company manufacturing refined oil products. In 1996, he and his family founded Organización Dinotrópolis, operator of the largest indoor amusement park for children in Latin America.

Beyond Venezuela, Isaac Perez Recao and his family maintains investments in other Spanish-speaking countries. In Costa Rica, the family claims assets in agriculture, cattle, horses, and construction; in Argentina, horses and cattle. In Spain, the family produces wines in the region of Ribera del Duero, and in Puerto Rico they are in the yogurt business.


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